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New Jersey rocks: VOODOO TERROR TRIBE - A WALK IN HELL - EP Review

May I present you another awesome piece of music. This is Voodoo Terror Tribe from New Jersey, USA. Wow this powerful music already made my speakers go "boom". THIS IS IT! Metal straight into the face.

Four piece metal band from New Jersey kicking it! This is approximatley 25 minutes of pure metal. Fresh and fast tunes with modern sound elements as they are also using synths in their songs and their singer Gil metal`s it up with his rocking voice.

This EP is pimped with a cover of Billy Idol`s "Rebel Yell". This song is another driving force on the EP... the best Rebel Yell cover I have ever heard! Thums up! You will love this version. You have to make sure to play it on 10!

All in all an outstanding EP. This band needs to get heard and needs to be on the road as much as possible. If I should campare it with similar bands... then I would compare it with the german band "Cyberia" (not active anymore) they had a similar sound but they haven`t had a human drummer they had some kind of Angelo Sasso (drumcomputer).

The last song "Bloodsoaked" is a mosh-pit song... brutal and aggressive elements but also compared with some quiet runnings! Is it one and the same singer? YES it is!

1. Screaming Dreams
2. Divancy Amplification Spiral (D.A.S.)
3. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover)
4. A Walk In Hell
5. Bloodsoaked

Out since: 12th November 2013

Voodoo Tribe Terror are: 
Emir Erkal - Guitars/synths
Primer - Bass
T-Bone - Drums
Gil PZ - Vox

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Mittwoch, 9. April 2014

Interview: Alex S. Johnson - editor of the book AXES OF EVIL

Dear Alex,

how are you doing today? Nice to meet you. Here`s my interviewquestions for you:

1. Pleace introduce yourself to my readers first.

Alex: Hi, my name is Alex S. Johnson, and I'm a 47-year-old lifelong metalhead, music journalist, former English professor and horror author. I live in northern California in a quiet suburb and spend most of my time writing and networking with people who share my interests.

2. Lately you edited the book "Axes Of Evil". Can you give us an inside on all the editing you did to make this book what it has become?

Alex: Most of the editing process consisted of contacting writers and particularly finding writers who are passionate about heavy metal and horror. I read and selected the authors to be included in the anthology. The line editing was done by my partner, Charie D. La Marr, who is a professional ghost writer for sports celebrities with many years of experience in writing and publishing. Much credit is due to her for poring over the manuscript and polishing it until it gleamed. The rest is the magic of the actual contributors.

3. Many writers were involved in the writing process. Can you give us some information about the single writers, please?

Alex: Certainly. There are 34 writers represented in Axes of Evil, including Lucy Taylor, the Bram Stoker Award-winning novelist, Del James, the author of the story that inspired the classic Guns N' Roses song "November Rain"; the acclaimed Sephera Giron, who has written over 15 novels; Terry M. West, the former director of such cult classic horror films as Flesh for the Beast and now a widely recognized writer, and many, many more. We have Charie D. La Marr, who is a direct descendent of Mary Shelley, weighing in with two stories. It's an all-star lineup and pretty incredible for a book from an indie press.

4. How long did the edeting of the book take and how many hours did the writers take to write all their parts?

Alex: The editing of the actual book took about five months. I can't account for the hours the writers themselves put in.

5. What is Axes of Evil all about and are there any foreign writers involved too or is it just an american project?

Alex: Axes of Evil is a tribute to the allied genres of heavy metal and horror fiction, which also includes film and art and other media. I'm proud to say that many foreign writers are involved, including people from India, the UK, Sweden, Australia and the continental United States. The book has a global sweep.

6. What are your expectations on the book. Do you think it will reach global success by the horror and metal fans for example?

Alex: My hope is that we will have an international success, because heavy metal and horror are popular all around the world. I think readers will recognize that Axes comes directly from the heart--the Sacred Heart, as Ronnie James Dio might have put it.

7. Is the company also thinking bout releasing the book in other languages beside of the english version?

Alex: Chupa Cabra House/Diabolus in Musica is a small indie operation, so unless we start bringing in some serious money, the English version will be the only one available for the foreseeable future. I would love to see the book translated into German, French and Spanish, but that would require resources we don't have at this point.

8. What are your current book projects you are working on?

Alex: Right now I am working on a major collection of my short stories titled Doctor Flesh and Other Stories for Chupa Cabra House. They range from science fiction and horror stories to experimental works, but most of my writing has a strong satiric edge to it. I love to laugh. Charie and I also wrote a novella titled "Outlaw Circus" which will be released by James Ward Kirk Fiction as part of a collection of my stranger stuff; it should be out very soon.

 9: What other projects are you working on?

Alex: I have so many projects that I'm currently engaged with. Practically every week I'm invited to contribute to another anthology. I have a horror novel in the works and a poetry collection as well.

10. Last but not least please add a final note:

Alex: Thank you for the great questions, Susi, and for giving Axes of Evil some coverage. I hope your readers will check out the book, because it's magnificent! Also, I'd like to add that Stephen Cooney, the renowned fantasy and horror artist, did the original oil painting that graces Axes' cover. He will also be doing the covers for Axes II and III. And a big thank you to Timm Tayshun, our publisher and the founder of Chupa Cabra House, for the wonderful work he does.

Thank you so much for the interview. It was nice talking to you. I wish you all the best for all your upcoming projects.

Susi Rocket Queen Müller

Promotion: Weapon (UK) released their new promo video RISING FROM THE ASHES out 22nd April 2014

Roster band Weapon (UK) released their new promo trailer! Watch it, like it, share it!

Outstanding: Byron Nemeth`s new video: Riding On The Flames

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Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Review: Face Down Hero - Product Of Injustice

Da sind sie wieder: Nach drei Jahren meldet sich die Marburger Thrash-Fraktion nach einem Label-Wechsel mit ihrem neuesten Streich zurück. Der Opener "Opportunism Breed" haut gleich mächtig rein und schiebt mit mächtig Stimmung druckvoll nach vorne.

Und was haben wir denn da... ein altbekannter Freund hat sich hier eingeschlichen - hat dies außer uns noch eine Redaktion bisher bemerkt? - Scheinbar nicht. Es handelt sich hier um keinen geringeren Hit als "The Pictureman" - dieser war schon 2005 auf Face Down Hero`s erster EP "Syndrome" mit am Start. I love that one!

Fazit: Auch nach vielen Jahren machen Face Down Hero Jahren ihr "Ding" und dies mit großem Erfolg. Sie haben sich unter einer Vielzahl von Thrashbands durchgesetzt und sind weit über den Teller des Undergrounds hinausgeklettert - sprich haben sich ihren Bekanntheitsgrad über Hessens Grenzen hinaus hart erarbeitet und dem soll natürlich gebührend Tribut gezollt werden.

Auch wenn der Posten des Gitarristen in den letzten Jahren etwas zu oft wechselte hoffen wir nun, dass der neue Gitarrist Alexander Hartmann (Silent Souls, ex-Mortal Passion) der Thrash-Combo noch unzählige Jahre erhalten bleibt.

Thrash on!

Opportunism Breed
The Reckoning With Myself
The Weakest Link
Product Of Injustice
Scraping The Skies
Walls Of Condemnation

Releasedate: 28 Februar 2014
Label: Red Shift Music / H'ART
Produced by: Martin Buchwalter & Face Down Hero

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